[FW111] The Legendary Swimsuit Issue

by Various Artists

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When at the beach on a glorious Summer's day, the lovely lads and ladies at the fantastic Fwonk* studios promise they will never wear those sweaty speedos you most earnestly wish you hadn't bought them for Christmas in jest. Nor will they torture you with terror-inducing spray-on tan lines or sandy crotch-paunches. Nope. Not now. Not ever. Our hands may be behind our backs, but that doesn't mean our fingers are crossed.


released October 1, 2013

All tracks copyright their respective artists 2013, except 03 copyright Feadz, Uffie 2006.

Project directed, assembled, sequenced, and mastered by Katarrhaktes. Artwork also by Katarrhaktes.





Fwonk* UK

Fwonk* is a not for profit netlabel specialising in Creative Commons music, including electronic beats, hip hop, industrial, grindcore, ambient - whatever!

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Track Name: Cuckoo Spit - Hot Chick (Uffie cover)
On my way to Miami
I see all kind of freak
From icky-sticky bitches
To fetish friendly tricks
When I go out
Some like to get me drunk and wild
But the only thing you get tonight
Is my fucking drink tab

Yes I'm like
Hot chick that you can't even touch
I'm like this cold ass bitch and
I ain't ready to suck
Cuckoo is here the boys are screaming
And the club is packed
And this one is for all my ladies
Who like to shake it like that

So get your ass on the floor
Down to the floor
Take your ass on the floor
Down to the floor
Take your ass on the floor
Down to the floor
Take your ass on the floor
Down to the floor

Take your ass on the floor
Down to the floor
Tap your funky dancing shoes
I can't hear I want more
Don't you stop
Yes I want to see you're getting hot
Cuckoo's got the hottest tracks
And the shit on lock
You've got me
Kick up the sounds
So I'm tearing this sound
And you can spin a little faster
I still rippin this song
They call me Cuck
Yes I'm young but I ain't givin' a fuck

If you got beef I thought you knew
I am ready to fuck, ohhh
It can't be stopped, no
We stop the rock so
Viciously that you don't even want us to stop
I came to dance and shake on this t-t-t-techno shit
But it sound a little faster when cuckoo rock the b-b-b-b-b-beat

In the club
I am tired to hear the same techno shit
With all the dancing crap
It's just a road of hits
Whereas the sound I like to hear
That kept me shaking my ass
I like an electronic beat
With a vocal that kick ass

I'm groovin' groovin' groovin' in the USA
Cause my first track is like a commercial for NRA
But I feel great rocking Europeans on this club scene
I put my dirty plot out there cause it is too fucking clean
And that's right

Have another drink
I want to party hard
Maybe roll out the fucking weed
We gonna party hard
Till the sunrise
We gonna get all sticky n shit
But you don't care as long as me and Cuckoo Spit drop the heat

I'm like hot chick
That you can't even touch
I'm, I'm like hot chick
That you can't even touch
I'm, I'm like hot chick
That you can't even touch
Track Name: Cuckoo Spit - Castles in the Sand (washed away)
ranslucent ike
oths o lames
elted ce rying

ancing retty
aint y olours
eathered ords ying

auze ver um mer
lies ulphur
alling nto igsaws

aking ittle
racks n inglets
eaves rumbling atches

Would you like to build castles in the sand
with me?

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