[FW200​.​4] The Spirit of '77

by Various Artists

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Temptation 04:25
Grace 04:29
(suicide) it's the only thing that drives your broken mind escape from the other escape from yourself the easiest way to pass through this hell trapped in a prison of flesh and filth with your inner meat clock pulsing in your ears a reminder of the inevitability of mortality it's just a matter of time everything you know is a construct created in your head to formulate the lie insignificance is true reality you will be replaced; no one is key you may think that life stinks and it bleeds and it's shit but you shouldn't give up you shouldn't lie down you're talented! you have so much to lose you shouldn't give in, they say take the blade and run it from wrist to elbow cut as deep as you like; you've made your mind up bleeding you're bleeding out (kill yourself) it's the only path to freedom the ultimate lover the anti-life equation the answer to the riddle you've sought your whole sorry-ass life you're not a special snowflake; you were factory-born the same-old fucking shit every day without pause work and reproduce work and reproduce work and reproduce work and reproduce they say drink the bleach, tie a bag around your head then hang yourself; it's your choice, not mine fading you're fading out fading out fading out fading out


40 years since the UK summer of punk, we invited our Fwonk* artists to stick a drawing pin through their nose. This album is all about the spirit of punk, rather than the genre. This is rough and ready, short and sharp, quick and nasty. These tracks are forged in the energy of the moment.


released May 5, 2017




Fwonk* UK

Fwonk* is a not for profit netlabel specialising in Creative Commons music, including electronic beats, hip hop, industrial, grindcore, ambient - whatever!

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