[FW149] Scarlet Tina

by Cuckoo Spit

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With sweaty palms and a lump in your throat, you knock on her door. She's beautiful. The curtains are drawn and the scent of perfumed candles is heavy in the air. You prepare yourself for the most perfect romantic evening with the girl of your dreams. Stare into each others eyes, tie each other up - but wait. This was supposed to be a home-cooked meal. Where's the food? With a surge of panic as she tightens the final knot, you catch a flash of metal from the corner of your eye. Her expression twists with hysteria as she places the knife inside your cheek. "Smile".


released August 29, 2014

All tracks copyright Cuckoo Spit 2013-2014




Fwonk* UK

Fwonk* is a not for profit netlabel specialising in Creative Commons music, including electronic beats, hip hop, industrial, grindcore, ambient - whatever!

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Track Name: Less Than Three
My Love
Don't you want to dance?
Let's go out tonight
Hold you in my arms
Take you to my heart

My Love
Paint me with your blood
Carve you into cubes
Bake you in a stew
I want to eat you
Never be apart
Take you to my heart
Track Name: Colon Close Parenthesis
Happiness is something we all need
The locked door that haunts every dream
... and you can't find the key

But I have it right here in my hand
The sharpest knife to free you from this land
... and help me understand

I want to make your smile even wider
To make the world just a little brighter
Our eyes will meet we don't even have to speak
A shared moment between putrid sacks of meat

After all I still feel in the blue
And realise there's something I can do
... I gave the gift to you

I see the joy cut into your cheeks
Lick streaks of blood in passion's peak
... please don't try to shriek

A happy face with a smile so pretty
I never believed I could get this feeling back again
... you're so dreamy

The meat is finished now I hang you by my bed
Beautiful love each other newly-wed
In the mirror I see your face reflected
You can't leave me now; we're connected
Track Name: Colon Open Parenthesis
The Beautiful
Track Name: Cherry Blossom
Bleeding out glitter glue
A coma that's brought on by food
Stardust bursts from every sore
And then you go and feed some more

Always go beyond your fill
Like strawberry jelly out will spill
Your innards flowing on my plate
I'll cut you up and eat you straight

Monkey's blood drips down my chin
Worms and maggots squirm within
Hateful spiteful rotten fucking corpse

Slow torturing
Cherry blossom

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